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Pentateuch - Pastor Jared Henson

The Pentateuch builds and establishes the foundational eschatology that looks toward the coming of a deliverer-King from Israel > Judah “in the last days” through its literary composition and content.

Below are a few topics we will discuss:

  • The Torah (Pentateuch) as the foundation
  • How can we know what a book so large means?
  • What does it mean to read the Pentateuch as a book?
  • Does the Pentateuch have a discernible structure?
  • The narrative and poetic structure of the Pentateuch
  • The structure of the Pentateuch and its eschatological outlook
  • Genesis 1-3 and its formative role in the message of the Pentateuch
  • Temple and rest (Gen. 1-2:4; 2:15)
  • Mankind’s Vocation(s)
  • Vocational failure and consequences for the world.
  • Death as “Exile” and Resurrection as “Return”, as a controlling paradigm
  • The promise to Abraham as God’s means to redeem ADAM “mankind”
  • The meaning of the Mosaic Law in the context of the Pentateuch.
  • Israel and the Nations “In the last days”, or “the Last Days” according to the Pentateuch


We recommend the MacArthur study resource at this link and have copies in the resource book shelf for you if you would like one.