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How Can a Young Man Keep His Way Pure?

“How can a young man keep his way pure? By guarding it according to your word. With my whole heart I seek you; let me not wander from your commandments! I have stored up your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you. Blessed are you, O Lord; teach me your statutes!

In the way of your testimonies I delight as much as in all riches. I will meditate on your precepts and fix my eyes on your ways. I will delight in your statutes; I will not forget your word.” (‭Psalm‬ ‭119‬:‭9-12, 14-16‬ ESV)

The Psalmist gives us clear instructions on how we can keep ourselves from evil. The way to do this is through knowing and obeying God’s Word.

It is vital for us as believers in Christ to have a daily discipline of Bible reading and prayer. Whether you do this in the morning or evening doesn’t matter that much, what matters is that you do it every day.

Seek the Lord with your whole heart and be careful to know His Word and not wander from it either to the right or to the left.

Delight in His Word as much as all riches. Desire His Word more than silver or gold or houses or cars or iPhones or money in your bank account.

To meditate on His Word is to read it over and over again and to think on it. Think on how His Word applies to your life and your activities for the day. Reading the same passage many times will help you to know it more deeply and not forget it.

So pick a daily time to read the Bible and pray. Set a reminder in your phone to trigger you to keep that time. Read a Psalm or another passage from one of the Books of the Bible and then pray for at least 5 minutes thinking of what you just read. Pray for your family, your church, your friends, your work and your community.

Keep this discipline and you will keep your way pure. Store up His Word in your heart that you might not sin against the Lord.