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Does Church Energize You or Drain You?

Hopefully you went to church this morning to worship our great God and King.

When you woke up this morning were you excited about going, or were you dreading it?

If you were dreading it, ask yourself: “What do I go to church for?”

There are many answers to this question:

  • to see friends
  • for the music
  • because I have to
  • my family makes me
  • ….
  • to worship God.

If you feel drained by the thought of going to church, then it is likely that your answer to the question was not the last one on the list above.

Set your mind on the Lord today. Begin thinking now and each day this week about worshiping the Lord with your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ next week.

Set your heart and mind on worshiping Jesus each day and at Church next week.

Think of what you are doing as going to worship Jesus Christ, rather than going to church.

Then see if you feel energized by the opportunity to worship the Lord rather than drained by the prospect of “going to church.”