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Benefits of Home Discipleship – Part 5

Family WorshipWe are walking through several benefits to the household approach to discipleship listed by Eric Wallace in his book “Uniting Church and Home.”  My goal in these blog posts is to help us consider the urgent need for families to live out the biblical mandate of home discipleship.

Benefit 9: A household approach spreads leadership out over households instead of relying on a small team of overworked people. In most churches, eighty percent of the work is done by twenty percent of the people. When Pastors work with household leaders who in turn work with the members of their own households, this spreads leadership out. Doing this helps us build relationships, which in turn helps us keep our focus on Christ as the source of growth rather than our own works.

Benefit 10: A household approach allows more people to use their gifts in home settings where they can offer practical life guidance. There are many whose spiritual gifts don’t fit the programs and opportunities to serve that the church offers. A household approach provides the relationship basis for people to use their spiritual gifts for edification of the body outside the church’s schedule and programs.

So brothers and sisters, let’s be busy discipling our families.  Let’s have hearts to reach out to our community by opening our homes to them and living the gospel before our neighbors and co-workers.  Always being ready to share the good news of eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ our Lord.