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Benefits of Home Discipleship – Part 2

Family Worship

We are walking through several benefits to the household approach to discipleship listed by Eric Wallace in his book “Uniting Church and Home.”  My goal in these blog posts is to help us consider the urgent need for families to live out the biblical mandate of home discipleship.

Benefit 2: A household approach offers a natural outreach into the community. As we practice discipleship in the home our discussion of spiritual things becomes more natural in our lives. As we reach out to our neighbors in love they will see the Word of God modeled in our family. As they see the love of Christ in our households extend to the community we have an excellent platform by which to share the gospel and begin to disciple our neighbors.

Benefit 3: A household approach encourages hospitality as a means of serving one another in love. Hospitality involves seeing the daily activities of the home as expressions of God’s sovereign rule in our lives. Sharing meals, activities, and just visiting each other enables life to rub life and provides opportunities to share the love of Christ with others. Hospitality provides a practical way to live out loving our neighbor and a strong platform for sharing the gospel.

Prayerfully consider how you and your family can reach out and show the love of Christ to those in your community and workplace.  Let’s reach out and share the living hope we have in Jesus Christ.